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Your favorite bag

Your new favorite bag with Monster Monica.


"Monster Monica"


New Home of "Monster Malte"

Monster Malte

Monster Malte´s new home on a cosy bathrobe.

It is the unique design that makes the "Monster, Mummies and Mutants" collection an exciting experience.


Monster Malte´s magic place

Here we find Monster Malte also on a beach towel. It seems as if terry toweling is a magic place for "Monster Malte".

Beach towel with "Monster Malte"



Wallet protector: Ghost Margareth

Embroidered by Pia: Little Ghost Margareth on her wallet. Many thanks to Pia for this wonderful idea and thanks for sending us this lovely picture!


Freebie Felix

Freebie Felix on a cloth bag

Little cloth bag spiced up with Freebie "Felix".

This is just one out of many wonderful ideas to put Felix to work.

I would appreciate seeing your pictures of Felix. Forward them to me!