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"Tyrannosaurus" and "Stegosaurus"

Bookmarks with dinosaurs: Tyrannosaurus, Stegosaurus and Stegosaurus fully surfaced. For fantastically good stories!



"Tyrannosaurus" and "Outline-Dinosaurs"

Tyrannosaurus gym bag and a collection of fleece/jersey scarves with many of the "little" creatures in sketchy style.




Pillow for little Mio Jace with big Brachiosaurus



"Stegosaurus" and "Triceratops"

Soft scarf for children

Stegosaurus and Triceratops are made in sketchy style and fit very well on this cashmere scarf. The scarf remains very flexible.




Helping hand

Indispensable: My own little helping hand at home: Spinosaurus.



"Dinosaurs Lexicon"

Book of Dinosaurs

The book of dinosaurs with the Dinosaurs Scripture and many fully surfaced dinosaurs. A reference book for the little ones!



"Dinosaur Scripture"

Dinosaurs are our stars!

Dinosaur Scripturefor the large hoop underlined with fabric with stars: This new look is awesome!




Tyrannosaurus on very soft linen fabric. Merci Petra!




Dinosaur Tyrannosaurus as an application on a light bag.




Hm, who are you ... ?

... the dog seems to ask. Dinosaur Spinosaurus embroidered on a T-Shirt. If it appears a bit strange to the dog, children have even more fun!



"Dinosaurus Outline, large"


Large Dinosaur scripture on a t-shirt.