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You have the possibility to obtain an Anja Rieger license, to utilize these designs within your commercial activities. This special right to utilize the designs must be applied for separately. The license is not granted automatically with the purchase of one or more files, containing the embroidery designs. We will process your request within three to five working days. Then we will mail the license contract, containing the license number, to you. This license is valid even for those designs, which might have been purchased by you at an earlier date.

Yes, I would like to obtain an Anja-Rieger-license:

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I am a customer of Anja Rieger Design and like to embroider the designs onto my own products. These products then will be sold on websites, markets, shops, or I will use them for other commercial puposes. I will accept the credit of the originator of the design, in the case products embroidered with Anja Rieger Designs will be sold. (see provisions within the contract). With the license obtained, I am entitled to use each induvidual design on up to 50 products free of charge.

Please contact me, I am aiming to sell or market more than 50 products per design.