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Machine Embroidery Designs

Sketchy Machine Embroidery Designs

Sketchy Designs

With these unique embroidery designs you add a personal touch to your crafty projects.
These sketchy designs consist almost entirely of running stitches - so your fabric remains very flexible.

The Feathery Pack also consists of feathers in redwork, appliqué and fully surfaced style.

All sketchy embroidery designs at a single glance .

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Summer Birdies Designs

Summer Birdies

It takes more then one swallow to make a summer -
therefore Anja designed many different little birdies.

Take a look at the brand new ones: "Magic Circles with Birds" - an awesome cool embroidery appliqué, which brings color to your projects.
The designs are fast and easy to embroider. ​

All birdies embroidery designs can be easily downloaded.

See our awesome customers creations in our Summer Birdies gallery.

Machine Embroidery Designs Little Moles

Little Moles

You will love this “Little Moles” redwork design!
So beautiful (and a snap to stitch) on T-shirts, blankets or aprons.

All Little Moles at a single glance.

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Machine Embroidery Designs ABC

Embroidery ABC

​Come and find your favorite alphabet:

Small Alpha Sunny letters - quickly embroidered in sketchy style. ​
Alphacolor - these are small, two-colored letters, that bring a extra portion color in your writings.
Alphamix pack: Unique letters surrounded by a decorative border will be awesomely cute on shirts, cushions and more.

Or fall in love with the the beautiful hand writing letters. You´ll get them each single or also in a pack.

All Letters at a single glance.
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Embroidery Designs Fish


Do you like fish?
The fish designs are very versatile to embroider:
Choose, if you want to embroider the shimmery body and head without outline or just as redwork or both.

Or use all the remnants of your favorite fabric to stitch the large fish appliqués e.g. on your beach bag.
Find out you favorite one!

All fish embroidery designs at a single glance.

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Machine Embroidery Designs Magic Circles, Herbs, Wild Leaves and Flowers

Magic Circles, Herbs, Wild Leaves and Flowers

Magic Circles in the flowery and airy Redwork style will certainly be one of your favorite designs.

Get the fragrant herbs, wild leaves and flowers and try different color combinations to achieve great atmospheric effects.
The redwork herb designs are available with their english and german names.
The frayed leaves and flowers applications are stitched quickly and it´s a great project to use your fabric leftovers.

All Magic Circles, Herbs, Wild Leaves and Flowers at a single glance.

Go wild with our herbs, leaves and flowers gallery.
Every Bunnie`s Darling Machine Embroidery Designs

Every Bunnie´s Darling

Flying Flo and Co. come in a pack in redwork or appliqué style.​

​Or go for the georgous Bunny Gang - ITH (stitched and sewn in the hoop). Th​is design come​s with a complete step by step tutorial.

Need more bunnies? Some fully surfaced designs or fast redwork designs, an application or the the classical cross stitch - certainly you will find your beloved bunny - they are all assembled in this wonderful collection.

All bunnies embroidery designs at a single glance.

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Ahoy Designs


​For many of us, hot weather and breezy evenings have arrived. There's nothing quite like enjoying a refreshing bath on a hot day:

T​he appliqué designs "Bathing Guys" come in two packs and are fast embroidered with your favorite fabric remnants.

​ Let's cast off now ​with this cute maritime embroidery collection​.

All Ahoy! embroidery designs at a single glance.

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Embroidery Designs Little Lucky Pigs

Little Lucky Pigs

Doesn´t they look adorable, Anjas little lucky pigs?
The contour style is ideal for clothing, because your clothing remains flexible after embroidery. Which one is your favorite lucky charm?

All little lucky pigs embroidery designs at a single glance.

Check it out and see the little lucky pigs projects!

Pendants (ITH)

Pendants (ITH)

All designs are stitched and sewn together "in the hoop" (ITH) .

Our 8 packs with different designs for key fobs are beautiful gifts and they are embroiderd very fast. You will find 3 motifs within each pack.

The awesome gingerbread embroidery designs are stitched on thin felt and they are great gifts like pendants, lavender-scented pillows or pin cushions.

All Pendant (ITH) Embroidery Designs at a single glance.
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Angels Embroidery Designs


Enchanting designs: Angels, some remind of fairies, the cool Angels Gang, wings, and little stars.

The two wing designs are available as a regular file and as a file, which is optimized for embroidering on leather. A design which looks great on leather key fobs, pendants and as gift tags.

All angels embroidery designs at a single glance .

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Machine Embroidery Designs Winter

Ready for winter ... bring it on!

Our little pigs are ready for the upcoming winter season:
Little pigs with sweather, little pigs on ice and christmas pigs with stars!
The embroidery designs are either redwork or fully surfaced patterns - all assembled in Anja´s Ready for winter collection.

All winter piggies embroidery designs at a single glance.

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Machine Embroidery Designs Advent Calendar Numbers - Countdown

Advent Calendar Numbers - Countdown

You will love your homemade Advent Calender with Anjas Advent Numbers -
they are embroidered so fast and easy and look so great.

And our single Countdown numbers are more than pure mathematics: They come in filled versions - small and larger - and as applications! All Advent Calendar and Countdown Numbers for your final countdown at a single glance.

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Embroidery Designs Yummy Gingerbread

Yummy Gingerbread

Get our "in the hoop" designs and a detailed "in the hoop" crafty tutorial with useful basic advice on finishing your gingerbread projects.
You are looking for embroidery sets? We offer the fairy tale forest set and three little pigs set.
Well then: It´s open season for yummy gingerbread!

All yummy gingerbread embroidery designs at a single glance.

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Dog Design for Embroidery


Get well soon little Poor Dogs -
these fully surfaced designs are available single or together in a pack.

The purely outline dog designs are best for your t-shirts simply because outline stitching remains very flexible.

Like to get some more ideas, where to stitch the dogs on? The dog designs look also great on bags, covers for notebooks and pillows and they are so quickly embroidered.

All dogs embroidery designs at a single glance .
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Machine Embroidery Designs German Words

German Words

You will fall into love with these beautifully handlettered words: Warm fuzzy feelings guaranteed!
They sound german to you? Yes, they are!

Get these "German Words" for your next projects - and they will become so much more ... different.

They are on sale, they´re available singly or in a pack and we even deliver each design in three sizes.

Here you´ll find all German Words embroidery designs at a single glance.
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Machine Embroidery Designs Best Friends

Best Friends

All designs of the "Best Friends" collection are available as fully surfaced motifs as well as in redwork style.
Just our little Poor Pig is available in redwork style only.

All Best Friends embroidery designs at a single glance.

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Machine Embroidery Designs Sporty Little Pigs

Sporty Little Pigs

Now doing sport is twice as fun!

Our little friends take part in different disciplines: Tennis, volleyball, football, running, lifting weights, aerobics, handstands and meditation .

No matter what sport is your favorite one: Get the Sporty Little Pigs in redwork style and your workout will be real fun!

All Sporty Little Pigs at a single glance.
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Wild im Wald und anderswo Stickdateien für die Maschine

Game in the woods

Here come the charming new members of our foresters: Mousies with Lanterns and Reindeers with Starlets.

Like the foxes, squirrels, owls and all the other foresters in appliqué or button-optics, the all look great on T-shirts, bags, jackets, pillows ...

All game in the woods embroidery designs at a single glance.

Get inspirations: Game in the woods projects gallery.
Machine Embroidery Designs Penguins at South Pole


The weather at the South Pole can´t harm our little freaks - but to be on the safe side, penguins wear appropriate clothing, like our little penguin with hat.

They spend their day with balloons or exercise oneselfs in flying.
Two designs are also available for a large hoop.

All penguins embroidery designs at a single glance.

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Machine Embroidery Designs Dressed up

Dressed up

Here they are - and as always - they are well dressed!

This is like a fashion show, each application gives our little friends a different look.

Get your little bat, deer, fox, lioness, boar, snail and any other friend as a single embroidery design or get them together in a pack.

All Dressed up embroidery designs at a single glance.

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Embroidery Designs Dinosaur

Go, dinosaurs, go!

They are back and alive: Dinosaurs!
Predatory dinosaurs and herbivorous ones: They all come in red work and also as fully surfaced designs.

All dinosaurs embroidery designs at a single glance.

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Embroidery Designs Take off

Take off

Ready for take off?
Certainly, with these cool embroidery designs.

All take off embroidery designs at a single glance .

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Machine Embroidery Designs Beastly Fun

Beastly Fun

They make music and it seems they have a lot of fun!

Our musical guys record their latest album and they are in their element! They come up with a fully surfaced design – or appear in button optics. You can enjoy them individually or as a whole band in a set.

Whether it is folk, rhythm and blues or country: Let´s rock it!

All Beastly Fun embroidery designs at a single glance.

Enjoy our gallery.
Machine Embroidery Designs Little Pigs on tour

Little Pigs on tour

Are you ready for a ride?

Follow our little piggies and tour the beautiful landscape by car, scooter, tractor or bicycle - or simply fly!

These designs consist almost entirely of running stitches - they are fast and easy to embroider and we are sure: These designs a fun!
They´re available singly or in a pack.

Here you´ll find all Little Pigs on Tour at a single glance.

Take a tour and see all the awesome projects in our gallery.
Signs of the zodiac

Chinese Signs of the Zodiac

Get your very personal chinese sign of the zodiac.
These embroidery designs will make a wonderful lasting impression on your projects!

All chinese signs of the zodiac embroidery designs at a single glance.

Chinese signs of the zodiac inspirations.



Let the fun begin! We are prepared.
The Gooaal!!! collection is perfect for those, who take sports seriously but also for those, who have a very relaxed attitude to it.

This is fun - not only for sports fans.

All Gooaal!!! embroidery designs at a single glance.

Sportive projects you will find also in our gallery.
Cats Designs

Cats and Kitten

Happy playing, cheeky and loving cats.

Anja´s cats and kitten collection assembles cats in quiet redwork, appliqued or in shilouette optic.
In short: Lots of variations on a taciturn beauty with these cute embroidery patterns.

All cats and kitten embroidery designs at a single glance .

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Monster Machine Mummies Embroidery Monster Designs

Monsters, Mummies and Mutants

Our favorite designs from this collection are "Mummy Manfred" and "Ghost Margareth".
Which machine embroidery design is your favorite one?
Fully surfaced designs with sketchy contours. Not only kids will love these designs.

All monsters embroidery designs at a single glance .

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